Wednesday, October 21, 2015

txtr Beagle PC software and TL-WR841 VPN server firmware

This is a quick update to some projects that I've been working on.

My txtr Beagle PC software fork has received an updated version.
Changes and tutorial here:

In Germany youtube gets to screw us twice - most music videos cannot be viewed and ads are shown on 90% of the videos. The iOS and Android youtube players cannot skip those ads. Here's my solution to that - buy a TL-WR841N router and give it as a present to some close friend in another country. It's a decent router and my custom firmware adds VPN server support so you can get rid of those pesky ads and private 'law' agencies monitoring*:

Afterwards just set up a normal VPN connection - works with Windows, iOS and Android, out of the box. For Android I recommend VpnROOT instead of the stock feature.

*Those so-called agencies are private companies monitoring your traffic for 'illegal' content. They have automated software which intercept your downloads and match them against some generic database (e.g. movies, music, ...).
Then they get your IP from your Internet Provider via a legalese letter and craft another letter for you, on behalf of the company representing the matched content (e.g. Sony Music). They request ~100$ for DMCA damages and ~700$ in lawyer fees. Or you can settle the case for ~400$.
I've never been burned but it mostly targets non-technical people.

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