Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Toshiba Regza TL868 firmware analysis

My TV has a quite complex set of features, none of which work particularly well. Except perhaps using it as a PC display.

Input latency is quite bad, ranging from over 200ms in normal mode to 100ms in "gaming" mode.
The latency can easily be tested by going to this link and making a picture of both displays (native and external) at the same time, preferably with a flash, in order to shorten exposure time.

There's a half-assed [HBBTV] implementation that crashes once in a while, a horrible YouTube app that takes 1-2 seconds to react to keypresses, a barely-workable DLNA implementation and barely-acceptable USB media integration. Oh, it also does triple-tuner TV, but I don't watch TV.
Sometimes I'm just wishing they would have stuck with a Linux, WinCE or Android implementation with freeware apps instead of reinventing the square wheel each time.

What's worse, each of these apps (TV, DLNA, HBBTV, YouTube, USB media) seems to be written by a different party.
As with most (all?) TVs you can kiss your updates goodbye once you've taken it out of the box.

Frustrated by this and having stumbled into this article I've decided to try and break the firmware down into managable pieces.

Zoom G1 guitar effects pedal repair

I got this unit essentially for free a few years back after getting rid of my VooDu Valve which was too expensive/overkill.
It's a nice little unit great for practicing guitar and has the added bonus of foot switches (the two big knobs at the bottom):

This unit has seen better days and it kept switching itself off or resetting once in a while whenever the cables were moved. Also, it didn't want to work on battery power.