Saturday, June 6, 2015

Repairing a wireless Wiimote charger

Out of my eBay 'lucky bags' I got a wireless charger for Wii remotes. I forgot about it for more than one year since I did not have a Wii at that time.
It came with two battery placeholders that also replace the battery cover of the Wii remote. I've tested the included batteries and they seemed to still hold charge.

The unit would not turn on: it's time to void the warranty on this "Kamikaze Gear Wireless Charging Dock (Wii)":

There are three screws in the middle and then some more screws under the top and bottom rubber feet.
Inside the unit we can see the two coils used for induction charging and some circuitry. The bottom part draws attention:

This is the charging circuit, I haven't spent time investigating it...

... since this looks more interesting:

And the 'money shot':

Ok, last one, I promise:

The area affected is the power supply circuitry, build around a 34063API - an MC34063 SMPS IC.
You might remember this part from my experiment:

I've replaced the blown capacitor but I still did not get any power. To troubleshoot, I fed 5V directly into the charging circuitry:

I got some power draw and some blinking lights. My expensive power supply can attest to that:

I decided to cheat and use one of the dozen cheap car USB chargers I had around. The Wii supplies 12V to this unit, and we require 5V, so it's a perfect fit.

Hot glue for everything:

We've got power! And lights!

The blue light (top left) signifies charged, the red light (blinking, top right) signifies charging.

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